Mobile Plant Rack



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Andreas Schlegel
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3D, Fabrication, Installation, Product Design

neuewave was commissioned by Andreas Schlegel to conceive a mobile plant rack for his growing collection of nature in his home.

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The mobile plant rack idea had a few considerations. It had to be modular, multiple tiers, lightweight, designed for easy assembly and disassembly, prevention to rust, easy to clean and maintain, consists of exposed and concealed compartments and aesthetically pleasing. Aluminium extrusions and its inherent hardware were used as the main structure, white acrylic as the surfaces as well as covers for compartments and a few varied height plant stands were also produced to add to height dynamics. 

The initial designs were modelled in 3D software, and production was all by hand. The result was a practical and functional piece having a neutral yet contrasting look to his plant collection, possibly a one of a kind plant rack in Singapore.

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