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LASALLE College of the Arts Media Lab, Andreas Schlegel
LASALLE College of the Arts
Andreas Schlegel, Brian O’Reilly, Darren Moore
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Performance, Stage Design, 3D, Fabrication, Installation, Computational Design, Custom Electronics, Custom Software, Kinetic Structures, Generative Visuals

Created in collaboration between Brian O’Reily, Darren Moore, Andreas Schlegel and Dhiya Md and the LASALLE College of the Arts Media Lab¹, Viewpoints was a multimedia performance that aimed to blur the boundaries between theatre, sound and visual through improvisation and non-hierarchical collaboration.

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The Media Lab focused on live visuals, stage design and real-time animated light structures through the combined interaction between screen projection, wooden structures with LED Strip Lights, multicoloured lights and electronic rumblings from modular synths, an interactive dimension of space was created for an improvised performance on stage by alumni from the Faculty of Theatre at LASALLE College of the Arts². 

Grown out of postmodern dance, Viewpoints was a form of improvisation that allowed a group of performers to function together spontaneously and intuitively to generate bold, theatrical work quickly. It developed flexibility, articulation and strength in movement and made ensemble-playing possible. At its core, it gave the performer the tools to make choices in time and space.

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¹LASALLE’s Media Lab is a practice-oriented and studio-based environment concerned with research as well as creation of artifacts and prototypes involving computational design, physical computing and digital fabrication. Hosted under the Faculty of Media Arts, it is primarily interested in investigating the potential of using technology in a visual and spatial arts context. More Info
²Asia’s leading contemporary arts and design institution. More Info


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