i Light Singapore 2018: Light Breeze



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i Light Singapore 2018
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Installation, 3D, Exhibition Design, Fabrication, Electronics, Kinetic Sculpture, Materiality

‘Light Breeze¹’ is a student-led project by the Faculty of Fine Arts at LASALLE College of the Arts² as part of i Light Singapore 2018.

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neuewave mentored and oversaw, from conceptualisation to realisation, of the project that saw several swaying half spheres with a light rod in the middle moving in unison with each other.

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¹Do you know that the common “Lalang” is also known as cogon grass? Our friends from @lasallesingapore is proud to bring you their own interpretation of the “lalang” titled ‘Light Breeze’; a tribute to the overlooked and diminishing flora and fauna within Singapore’s ever urbanizing landscape. The installation isolates and emphasises the gentle swaying motion of the cogon grass through the use of lights and its monument structure. More Info

²Asia’s leading contemporary arts and design institution. More Info


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