Children's Biennale 2019: The Oort Cloud and Blue Mountain, Singapore



Part of:
Andreas Schlegel & Hazel Lim-Schlegel
Project Type:

Installation, Interactive, 2D, 3D, Exhibition Design, Graphic Design, Fabrication, Kinetic Sculpture

Part of the Children’s Biennale 2019¹ held at National Gallery Singapore, ‘The Oort Cloud and Blue Mountain²’ is an interactive exhibition by Andreas Schlegel & Hazel Lim-Schlegel.

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neuewave worked alongside the artists to source, design, fabricate, prototype and install a series of handcrafted objects that could move and produce sounds. These touch-operated objects used various motors, gears, and electronics to create kinetic sculptures through conductive inks and vinyl stickers. neuewave also maintained the exhibition throughout its year-long run.

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¹Gallery Children’s Biennale has been a key programme of National Gallery Singapore since 2017, embodying the Gallery’s commitment to inspiring young, curious minds with art. More Info

²Two things inspired this interactive artwork: The Oort Cloud, a thick layer of icy particles in outer space, and Blue Mountain, a painting by Russian artist Wassily Kandinsky of horses galloping beneath a hill. The many buttons and textures here represent imaginary terrains in the universe.


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