Art Science Late: iNCH



Part of:
ArtScience Late series of performances
Inch Chua, ArtScience Museum
Andreas Schlegel
Project Type:

Performance, Light Visuals, Electronics, 2D, 3D, Fabrication

Inch Chua’s 'Til The End Of The World, We'll Meet In No Man's Land¹’ is part of the ArtScience Late² series of performances by the ArtScience Museum.

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Based on Inch’s direction, neuewave worked with “lightweight” and “impactful” themes to design, fabricate, and install a series of structures positioned around the stage. Working with constraints requiring quick assembly and disassembly, neuewave designed a series of lightweight structures built out of local timber and affixed controllable lights, creating ice-caps silhouette around the stage.

Custom controls and filters were made to control Inch’s video content and projected as visual in the background through several projectors. Custom electronics were manipulated through code by Andreas Schlegel to control and animate the lights with the visuals throughout the 30 minutes performance.

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¹Helming the October edition of ArtScience Late, iNCH presents a binaural musical radio play that is intimately based in the personal experience and reflections of her expedition to Antarctica as part of 2041’s International Antarctic ClimateForce Expedition. More info
²Explore experimental works by local artists every third Thursday of the month with our flagship programme of performing arts. More info


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